Inlaid Rust - To A Grinding Halt [2011]

Inlaid Rust is generally Black Metal, with Industrial and Ambient influences. Many say the music is a cross between (Post-Black Metal) Blut Aus Nord and the Dark Ambient act, Lustmord.
- Inlaid Rust -

Moreover, he creates a very dense and bleak atmosphere by well performed guitar work which is shredding and distorted as hell. Additionally, the ambient parts including spoken vocals totally fit in, so that you start believing that you're actually at a grinding halt. Superb!


     Inlaid Rust
Album     To A Grinding Halt
Year     2011
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal
Location     USA
Size     86 MB
Label     self-released


2180 AD: From The Rust Within Their Throats Is A Groan

2.1st Recon: Lost (In The Space Between Walls)      [5:14]
3. Underground Machine War - A Digital Bias (Teeth As Trinkets)      [10:43]
4.Clanking Replicator's Monotonous Clamor      [13:45]
Total playing time    35:38

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