Seyn Negat - Asche jener Lichter [2008]

Another german underground pearl. Horribly unknown these days, they definitely deserve more attention. Musically, they must be marked as Depressive Black Metal. But the way they're playing it separates them from others of the genre, they understand how to create a dense atmosphere by using some really nice samples.
Anyways, consider it recommended.


     Seyn Negat
Album     Asche jener Lichter
Year     2008
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Depressive Black Metal
Location     Germany
Size     46,1 MB
Label     self-released


Wir, Schemen

2.Jene, die schliefen     [9:04]
3.Regen ward Glas     [10:06]
Total playing time     27:31

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