Perseverance - The Fading Light [2011]

Perseverance from Melbourne understanding how to put Black Metal in a modern direction. Although it's a bit raw and aggressive (as Black Metal is supposed to be), "The Fading Light" catches kind of post-modern feelings in an intense soundscape including ambient parts among melancholy and depression. Highly recommended.


Album     The Fading Light
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Depressive Black Metal | Post-Black Metal
Location     Australia
Size     70,6 MB
Label     White Noise Productions



2.The Fading Light     [13:14]
3.DSM-IV-TR      [7:45]
4.Hollow     [6:28]
5.Sadness and Solitude     [5:04]
6.The Lightless Hour     [8:44]
7.Destitution     [7:37]
8.Silence My Voice     [13:15]
9.Epitaph     [7:44]
10.Epilogue     [3:52]
Total playing time   1:18:49

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