Deprived Of Light - Colored Death [2011]

Lord Trowe of HDR Project 'The Foetal Mind' returns with a new project and new material! Deprived of Light is a collaboration between Lord Trowe - The Foetal Mind, and Psychotic - Psychocalypse. Together they form a post-rock influenced metal album with strong melodic guitar work, and hints of black and doom metal. This is not an easy album to catergorize, especially considering the three different projects that the songs belong to, but if you were a fan of the latest The Foetal Mind album 'The Grand Contraction' released on physical medium through HDR in December 2010, and would like to hear more of Lord Trowe's work, then you can't go wrong by downloading this album!
- Hypnotic Dirge Records -


     Deprived Of Light | The Foetal Mind | Psychocalypse
Album     Colored Death
Year     2011
Type     EP | Split
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Doom Metal | Post-Rock
Location     France 
Size     85,4 MB
Label     Hypnotic Dirge Records

Deprived of Light



2.Dark and Sad     [4:42]
3.Colored Death     [5:22]
4.Interlude     [3:02]
6.Forgotten Minds     [4:58]
7.Outro     [2:07]
5.Cast into the Shade     [6:11]

The Foetal Mind



9.My Metal Ways I     [1:51]
10.My Metal Ways II     [1:56]



Within Your Heart

12.Bursting Night     [5:34]
Total playing time    46:19

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