Codes In The Clouds - As The Spirit Wanes [2011]


     Codes In The Clouds
Album     As The Spirit Wanes
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Post-Rock
Location     UK
Size     88,2 MB
Label     Erased Tapes


Where Dirt Meets Water

2.Look Back, Look Up     [3:20]
3.You And I Change Like Seasons     [5:20]
4.We Were Alive, Together (First Position)     [1:42]
5.Washington     [4:30]
6.The Reason In Madness, In Love     [3:54]
7.Cold Calls     [4:14]
8.If I’d Have Known It Was The Last (Second Position)     [1:52]
9.The Tragedian     [4:34]
10.Your Panopticon     [4:39]
Total playing time    39:04

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