Akaitsuki - Purpose Of The Moon [2011]

Akaitsuki. Sounds a bit chinese or japanese, doesn't it? But well, this act comes straight from the US and A - Los Angeles, to be more precise. Musically, they're creating a very unique mix of Ambient, Shoegaze, Post-Rock/Metal and a bit of Black Metal. The theme of their first full-length "deals with the moon, and how its image can be an inspiration to all those who gaze at its light.." as they say on their bandcamp page. Recommended!


Album     Purpose Of The Moon
Year     2011
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Shoegaze | Post-Rock | Post-Metal
Location     USA
Size     99,6 MB
Label     self-released


Enter the Void

2.Why     [4:57]
3.Someday     [2:20]
4.Unspoken Dreams     [5:29]
5.Magic Spell     [3:33]
6.Passage     [4:50]
7.Mountain Spirit     [7:50]
8.Open Window (Demo)     [5:22]
9.Fulfillment (Demo)     [4:48]
Total playing time    42:44

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