Sönderriket - Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen [2010]

Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen (The Final Adaptation) was supposed to be the first Sönderriket album but turned into such a large project that it took almost a year to complete, during which time I also recorded and released three other albums. Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen is a collaboration with drummer Peter Henricson and contains music written during 2010 and lyrics written between 2006 and 2010.
Musically, Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen is an experimental take on the potential of Black Metal influenced music touching upon multiple genres such as Post-Punk, Shoegaze and several others.
Lyrically, it is an attempt to define everything that man is instead of what we could, and should, be.
 - Sönderriket -


Album     Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen
Year     2010
Type     Full-Length
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Shoegaze | Post-Punk
Location     Sweden
Size     90,5 MB
Label     self-released



2.En Dröm Om Vintern     [6:43]
3.Slita Ont     [4:00]
4.Den Slutgiltiga Anpassningen     [5:24]
5.Vintergröna     [4:24]
6.Längs De Gator     [4:10]
7.Galax Plansch     [5:16]
8.(Sölangen, 02:49)     [4:46]
Total playing time    38:59

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