Sleeping Peonies - Ghosts, And Other Things [2011]

"Ghosts, and other things" is the follow up to Peonies' critically acclaimed first demo "Rose curl, Sea swirl" and by all accounts takes everything that made "Rose curl...." so special and makes it even more delicious. There's less black metal this time around as Nic and crew take a dive into the shoegaze end of shoegazed black metal to explore the lush under belly of 80's styled underground pop and dreampunk music.
- khrysanthoney -


     Sleeping Peonies
Album     Ghosts, And Other Things
Year     2011
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Black Metal | Shoegaze
Location     UK
Size     62,8 MB



2.Pashmina Veils     [2:53]
3.Lisps, And Candyfloss Wisps     [5:25]
4.Wicklewood Haze     [3:44]
5.Ebbs And Floes     [2:27]
6.Autumnbloom And Lavender     [4:39]
7.Black Lanterns     [4:55]
8.In Rain We Disappear     [1:10]
Total playing time      27:54