Silence Of The Old Man - Carencia de Ausencia [2010]

Outstanding Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze project from Chile, highly recommended.
Unfortunately his "Homepage" is totally written in Spanish, so I'm unable to give you further informations. The only thing I can tell is that he obviously has a deal with Pest Productions, so I guess the upcoming full-length called "Lack of Absence" will be published by them.


     Silence Of The Old Man
Album     Carencia de Ausencia
Year     2010
Type     EP
Genre(s)     Post-Black Metal | Shoegaze
Location     Chile
Size     59,2 MB



2.Cicatriz De Olvido     [8:21]
3.El Silencio De Los Lamentos     [7:00]
4.Colapso     [3:53]
5.Tiempo De Miseria     [8:08]
6.Ausencia     [8:17]
7.Outro     [2:54]
Total playing time      38:56