Blindeyes - Compilation [2003 - 2007]

Formed in 1999, Blindeyes from Germany began the recordings for their first release called "Dreadful Row", which was released in 1999, also. In 2003 "Destination Nowhere" came out, followed by "Taolin Tear" in 2005. Altough they've always been melancholic, they changed their style during the years. Despite some Gothic influences in the beginning, I would mark their music as Depressive Rock.

This unofficial compilation contains songs from Destination Nowhere and Taolin Tear plus rehearsal recordings in 2007, short before their split-up.


Album     Compilation
Year     2003 - 2007
Type     Compilation
Genre(s)     Depressive Rock
Location     Germany
Size     81,9 MB



2.Cementery Meeting     [3:32]
3.Destination Nowhere     [4:03]
4.Falling In Eternity     [6:17]
5.Leaving Behind     [4:46]
6.Missing Pain     [3:16]
7.My Need     [5:04]
8.Newborn World     [3:17]
9.Pariah     [4:05]
10.Release     [5:04]
11.To My Fellow     [4:10]
12.Too Late     [1:33]
13.Vanity     [5:46]
14.Without Me     [2:56]
Total playing time      59:10